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Just returned from Tahoe for a work trip, my hustle isn’t about to fade! Had a great time at the Village of Squaw Valley resort, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to visit Tahoe. Even went up 2,000 feet on an aerial tram ride to High Camp, which was slightly terrifying! Overall, a great event and awesome place to visit. The weather was perfect!

Onto the outfit…

I’m kind of digging yellow for this season! It’s so bright and fun and this romper is just my style. I actually purchased it to wear in Hawaii earlier this year, but didn’t get to since it wasn’t overly warm when I visited. I’m normally not a big print person, but this yellow and blue paisley jumped out at me, and I loved the fit for a vacation piece! It wasn’t quite long enough to wear wedges, but I know I prefer to be more comfortable during the day when I’m on vacation, so I paired this with flats and love the look! I linked a couple sandal options below.

I also had a couple gold jewelry pieces added in and sold gold aviators that I’ve worn on this blog before. All of these items are super affordable, including the romper, and I think it says SUMMER perfectly! I’m just so glad that summer is here. I love this time of year! I would definitely prefer to sweat than freeze.

Also, my Oregon photographer, Olivia, needed to use some film she had left in her film camera so she could get it developed, so she took a couple closer shots with that (the lighter photos), and I think they turned out really cool! She is super talented and usually shoots weddings with both a digital and film camera to really give variety!

Until next time!

Do you prefer to sweat in the hot sun or do you enjoy the frigid weather?

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