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White Hot Winter

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Photos by Katrina Jayne Photography.

Jeans | Sweater | Scarf | Earrings |Bracelet

Winter is here and it’s actually a little cold in California, although I CANNOT complain when I see what others are going through on the other side of the country. This outfit probably wouldn’t for you folks, however, if you’re inside or having a mild winter, it is a great look! I’m a big fan of the color burgundy for fall and winter clothing. This Halogen sweater is lightweight and super comfy and comes in quite a few colors besides this grey.. It is even on sale right now! The burgundy scarf was really inexpensive and perfect for the every day occasion. As always, I’m a fan of these white Hudson jeans and especially love them for a “white hot” winter look vs just wearing them in the summer! I’ve had these Tory Burch flats for awhile now, and they are great for work or casual outfits! All in all, I definitely think I will be investing in some additional colors of this sweater. Cheers to winter and the days finally thinking about getting longer!


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