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What is Thrive Market & Why do I like it?!

Pretty Pure

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get all of your healthy and natural food and home products at lower prices??

Being healthy, natural and “green” doesn’t have to break the bank. THRIVE Market offers all of the quality “main stream healthy” brands and several local ones at wholesale prices, literally saving you 25-50% per item! It is a membership community with a reasonable yearly membership fee, and I personally just made my membership fee back in savings on ONE order. They also are always offering free gifts and products to try when you purchase. They do not only offer food related products, but offer everything from household cleaning products, beauty products, pet products, baby products and more! You can even shop by your particular lifestyle (vegan, paleo, gluten free, raw, etc.)!

As an affiliate of THRIVE, I will be keeping you informed of all of their current deals and all of my favorite products that I purchase from them. I have done SEVERAL comparisons, even comparing to Amazon, and these prices are BETTER! And not to mention.. Whole Foods, and SEVERAL other brick and mortar health food stores don’t even hold a candle to this!! I just received my order today and it only took 3 business days to get here. I even received a free 15 oz. jar of Thrive’s organic virgin coconut oil with my order!


If you’d like to check it out and give THRIVE Market a try



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