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Warm Winter White


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Winter White With A Mix of Orange

Wow, December, what a month! Just when I thought things might slow down, that is, of course, not the case. I’m thinking this month will be my slow down… maybe. 

Can anyone believe that is is already Christmas and New Years have come and gone?! Where does the time go? Since my last post, I have been to Germany, France, Sacramento, Dallas, Seattle, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, Napa & San Francisco. The last trip may or may not have been to go up a level on my Delta Airlines status…..

Unfortunately, with all of my travel, keeping up on my blog has been challenging. I have loved the Organic Bunny boxes, which I still get, but I am unable to really keep up on reviewing the products. I think that it will just be simplified in my FAVORITE products from the boxes that I have that I have not reviewed. I take as much as I can on the road, but being able to properly try and review them has been a daunting task. I have to remind myself that the reason that I started this blog was to feed my soul and the things that I enjoy, and I need to not concentrate so much on this or that and just start putting out what I like and enjoy!

Which brings me to this outfit. We may be in winter now, but I love winter white and I have always been a fan of this color orange. I feel like between the belt, shoes and sweater, it breaks up the all white with a warm tone. While it is a little rainy in Oregon at the moment, this look could make it on a dry day on the weekend at a winery. Doesn’t that sound amazing!? I did wear this look with light blue jeans a couple months ago while having fun with some friends on my “birthday extension”. See below for linked items of this outfit!

Do you feel recovered from the holiday season!?

Pretty Pure

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