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The Truth and Fundamentals Behind Being Hangry


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Benefits of Eating Frequently

Let’s first talk about the benefits of going against what you were taught as a kid, and eating small meals frequently. While facts were proven that this doesn’t speed up your metabolism, it does tend to make people lose weight faster and keep it off longer! Eating smaller meals prevents gorging. I know that if I’ve missed a meal during the day, I want to eat A LOT during my next meal just because I feel more hungry and like I “missed out” on my previous meal. Even though eating more frequently seems odd, it actually aids in cutting calories and making healthier choices. It keeps you more satisfied being able to eat more often and you never feel deprived or feel the need to crave more. Eating small meals also helps in maintaining your blood glucose levels at a more stable rate.

Being Hangry (Hungry & Angry)

Being HANGRY is real! It is scientifically proven to create anxiety and bad moods if meals are missed after the brain and body are so used to eating. If I’ve been eating a lot of small meals and then I start to miss some, I can become quite sassy when dealing with the hunger coupled with a nice mood swing I seem to get! Blood sugar levels definitely have a lot to do with this, and sometimes a girl just likes her food!

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