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The Human Experiment: How To Rid Your Life Of Toxins

Pretty Pure

Healthy living has been a long time passion and interest for me. The more research I’ve been doing has brought even more information to light than I ever thought about. Since starting my journey in 2005, I felt that I understood a vast majority of “good” vs “bad”. And while I do consider myself “pretty pure”, there is definitely A LOT more that I can and want to be doing.

While a little “netflix & chill” was going on a couple weeks ago, I stumbled across a VERY interesting documentary called The Human Experiment. It opened my eyes to a lot of facts that we don’t think about when using and consuming products in our every day lives. To summarize a few of the topics that they cover in the film, they touch on the increase in women being unable to conceive, the increase in cancer, safety in children’s products, increase in autism rates and basically it goes into how many unsafe chemicals we are exposed to unknowingly in our every day lives. The other realization is how STRONG and POWERFUL the chemical industry really is and they DO NOT have the human race’s best interest, but rather the interest in the dollar to be made. The fact that a lot of these products and chemicals haven’t been around for a long time makes the outcome overtime completely unknown. Similar to the Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder lawsuits claiming that the talcum powder is linked to an increase of ovarian cancer. More information on that HERE. It literally makes the human race an “experiment” for what these toxic chemicals do to us in a longterm situation. I will just say that plastic is probably THE WORST thing every created.

As I continually move my life into a healthier more “green” lifestyle, I am going to start a series and share information once or twice a week on the individual changes that I’m making and the damage vs benefits of making the change! The bottom line of these changes are CHEMICALS. These are manmade substances and we have NO idea how they’re going to affect us in the long run. If the cancer, autism, complication rates give us any idea, it is not good.. Not to mention what is happening to the planet and eco-system.

Series Posts:

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Kitchen Products
Nail Polish
Laundry Room
Reusable Bottle

Thanks to Thrive Market, making small lifestyle changes in my life has and will continue to be easy! Aside from knowing that everything on the website is HEALTHY and good for our environment, the prices are LOWER than Amazon! As an avid Amazon shopper, this is impressive to me. If you don’t know what THRIVE is, view my previous post HERE.


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