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Staying Warm in Winter/Spring Look

Pretty-Pure-Black-Trench-Winter2   Pretty-Pure-Black-Trench-Winter3 Pretty-Pure-Black-Trench-Winter4 Pretty-Pure-Black-Trench-Winter5 Pretty-Pure-Black-Trench-Winter6 Pretty-Pure-Black-Trench-Winter7 Pretty-Pure-Black-Trench-Winter8 Pretty-Pure-Black-Trench-Winter9 Pretty-Pure-Black-Trench-Winter10

Well, I don’t know about you all, but I swear the end of Winter, beginning of Spring is WAY worse than dead of winter has been! The good thing is that I’ve gotten way more usage out of all of my winter wear. This look has kept me warm in Paris (literally walked at least a mile around a convention center in Paris in this exact outfit, shoes and all!), Sacramento (for business) and here in Oregon!

The purse has also been highly used! It is small, but large enough to carry my huge cell phone, lipstick, credit cards, etc. and is smaller than carrying my black Chanel. The chain is black, which I also like so I can typically wear it when my accents are gold or silver. As a crossbody bag, I have danced many nights away without being too big or in the way!

Lots has been going on here, working with marketing clients with some mild travel. Excited for the next couple of crazy months! Link to all of these pieces, as usual, down below.

Pretty Pure

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