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Wow, what a month! From Oregon > Sacramento > Nashville > Sacramento > Hawaii > Sacramento > Oregon > Sacramento > Oregon > Sacramento > Orange County > Sacramento > Crescent City > Oregon > Sacramento and now heading to San Antonio, it’s been a busy one! All good things (aside from my Grandpa’s funeral), and life will slow down (barely) until Cinco De Mayo, which is a fun trip and will be my first US train ride!

Moving on…

If you know me, I don’t add pops of color very often! While I have this dress in black, I absolutely love this color (called Coral Cedar Heather)! It’s not too bright for me, but is a nice, subtle color. And even better news is that it is on sale! These go to Vince Camuto booties, not new on this blog whatsoever, are also on sale. When we’re in this spring weather, since Mother Nature can’t decide whether to be hot, cold, wet or dry, this look is stylish, but will keep you warm on those semi-cold April days!

Links below to check out these pieces ON SALE!


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