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Signs of Spring: Cherry Blossoms

Pretty Pure

Pretty-Pure-CherryBlossoms-Full Pretty-Pure-CherryBlossoms-LookOver2 Pretty-Pure-CherryBlossoms-Full3 Pretty-Pure-CherryBlossoms-LookOver Pretty-Pure-CherryBlossoms-Full2 Pretty-Pure-CherryBlossoms-LayDown Pretty-Pure-CherryBlossoms-Walk Pretty-Pure-CherryBlossoms Pretty-Pure-CherryBlossoms-LookOver3 Pretty-Pure-CherryBlossoms-Smile Pretty-Pure-CherryBlossoms-Blow Pretty-Pure-CherryBlossoms-Blow2

Well, it’s official.. Monday was the FIRST day of spring! Although exciting, it did downpour in Sacramento this week after being super beautiful for quite a few days. Here comes spring showers! After everything dries, and everything greens (again), our slightly warmer weather will be back! This outfit is for those days. Spring fashion is here! I love the subtle peachy color of the top, and the lightness of the fabric. I could easily pair this with jean shorts as well, and even boots. It is extremely versatile!

I went with these ankle stiletto jeans with a sort of worn fade, and these ADORABLE wedges that I am officially obsessed with. I am highly considering purchasing the same ones in Navy. The gold accents and rope detail just make them so unique and so fun!

Hope you enjoy this look and it makes you think of Spring fashion.. I’m back in Somis for the week before another business trip to Boston starting Sunday!

PS Blowing dandelions is harder than it looks! 😉

Photos by Permanent Glimpse Photography.



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