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Reduce Plastic Waste, Go Bulk!


I’ve been meaning to do this post all year now, and it’s more fitting than ever with Plastic Free July. When it comes to water, HERE is everything you need to know about what type, what container, etc. is the best choice if available to you. I’ve been wanting to lower my plastic usage for awhile now, and while I knew that I could find bulk water in bpa free plastic bottles (a good alternative if the one in this post isn’t available to you), I REALLY wanted to go with bulk water in a glass container!

After some research, I found that Mountain Valley Spring Water does come in large glass containers. However, where I live in California is too far out to get it delivered, and is a couple hours away if I wanted to pick it up (I live kind of out in a rural area in California). Luckily, I found a healthy grocery store in Westlake Village (Vintage Grocers) that carries 2.5 gallon glass bottles! While you do have to pay a deposit on the glass container, you can continually bring them back and exchange them out for a new one.


I started purchasing the pieces to assemble my new, at-home bulk water system. I think it’s pretty cute! It stands at a medium height with the wood stand being 25″ tall. The stand I got is below and was very easy and simple to assemble. If you want to put the bulk water on a table, obviously this is not necessary.


Next, the lead-free ceramic water dispenser adds some additional height and keeps the water clean. I would recommend cleaning it before you put it on the stand! This dispenser can take up to a 5 gallon tank of water. It comes in several other colors.


Next, I wanted to add a little style to go with my home decor. The dispenser came with a little plastic nozzle, but obviously not wanting to use plastic, and knowing it probably wouldn’t last long, I found this pretty brass one. It also comes in silver and bronze at the link below!


Lastly, the water! As mentioned before, I went with Mountain Valley Spring Water. They offer 2.5 and 5 gallon glass bottles, and are a naturally detoxifying high alkaline (7.8 pH) water from Arkansas. It is naturally ionized, sodium-free and bottled by glass to maintain purity. It has also been named the “Best-Tasting Water in the World”… twice.

One more resolution checked off (a little late, but worth the wait!). Do you have a bulk water system in your office or household? Does this encourage you to consider one (even if another water source)?


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