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pretty-pure-christmas-allyssa5 pretty-pure-christmas-allyssa-tights pretty-pure-christmas-allyssa-jacket

Photos by Katrina Jayne Photography.

Jacket | Dress | Tights | Shoes | Bracelet | Earrings

Let me first say that I love dressing up (since I’m on a farm most of the time), and holidays are the perfect excuse! I love this edgy outfit that is perfect for a holiday party or dinner. And I will say that this jacket is currently my holy grail and favorite thing to wear! I even wore it over my black cocktail dress for Brandon’s birthday dinner last week! I’m obsessed! The red dress was unbelievably inexpensive and found in the Juniors department. I probably could’ve used an Extra Small vs a Small to fit a little tighter, but I liked the playfulness and how it allowed me to move easily. My textured tights were found in a 3 pack and had a couple different patterns that I felt made this holiday gear more fun. I couldn’t find anything similar to the shoes I have on here as I purchased them off of Hautelook probably 6 years ago or so.. although the ones linked below are ridiculously cute, and probably better than the ones I have on here! Overall, I love how edgy this is and I LOVE this jacket! Definitely a great buy and becoming a regular staple..

Hope everyone has a great evening wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.. Merry Christmas Eve!!


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    December 29, 2016 at 10:24 pm

    This dress is gorgeous! Its the perfect amount of classy meets sexy!


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