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It’s finally time to recycle! This is definitely something that I should already be doing, but considering we live in a guest house on a horse farm, it takes a little more “prep” than just having a recycling bin that the trash man comes and gets every week. I made one of my New Years resolutions to consciously recycle, so I started organizing at the turn of the year! Another resolution that comes up every year is SAVE MONEY. So, I now have a recycling system that is not only good for the planet, but also gets me back the CRV that we all pay out for every time we buy beverages. I did also have the CRV signs on my recent MALK organics products as well as some other random things. Make sure you take a look!

To start this organization, I first ordered 3 trash cans with lids, and black trash bags to line them with. I would completely advise buying blue “recycling” cans, because they’re the exact same thing as a regular trash can with a recycling logo, but 3-400% more money! Ridiculous! I also recommend trash bags with the drawstrings as they are easier to handle, and easy to tie up when they’re ready to take in!


Next, I created labels so that I would know what each can was for. I did bottles (which I could have put plastics on the label, but Brandon seems to get the idea!), glass and cans. The bottles trash bin is obviously the most popular due to bottled water, but we do have a little bit of glass and aluminum cans if Brandon decides to drink at home. I printed them and laminated them with a laminator (which is one of the greatest things ever!).

My finished product in our garage (which is actually fairly cleaned out for once! Must have been Brandon’s resolution so we can get both of ours cars in there in the near future! Don’t mind the ugly plywood.. black out drapes are also on the to do list for the house!):


Have you implemented any of your New Year’s Resolutions yet?? If so, what was it?

Happy Friday!


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