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Plastic Free July



I LOVE that this is a “thing” to be consciously aware of the plastic usage we are using on a daily basis. The issue with plastic, aside from being a hormone disruptor, is that it is HORRIBLE for the environment and when put into land fills, it takes 450 YEARS for it to decompose. Yes, 450!!! This is basically permanent pollution.

Plastics, through littering (even by accident), can end up in waterways AND the ocean.. By 2050, scientists predict that there will be more tons of plastic than tons of fish. That’s crazy! Along with increasing our eco-footprint since manufacturing plastic consumes 6% of the world’s fossil fuel.

The way that we can all help in the solution is through:

avoiding products in plastic packaging
reducing waste where possible (example: reusable shopping bags)
refusing small plastics that can end up as litter (straws, utensils, balloons, to go cups)
recycling what can’t be avoided.

You can #choosetorefuse plastic usage!

Visit www.PlasticFreeJuly.org for more information and how you can refuse plastic this month!

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