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Paleo Protein Bars Review

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I have seen this Paleo Protein Bars continually advertised on Facebook, and decided to give them a try! They are made by Julian Bakery, a bakery located not too far in Oceanside, California. Upon reading their website, the bars seemed like the perfect snacks and were dairy free (my main concern). This review is purely my own and I was not paid nor did I receive a discount on these to write it.

My only issue with this company from the start was the customer service. I placed my order on April 26. I didn’t receive anything whatsoever. I wrote on their Facebook page, sent two emails to their customer service email address, and also replied to their email campaigns sent to my email. One of the campaigns that I wrote back to was on June 19. Upon stumbling upon all my junk mail, I saw that they had finally replied to that on June 20 with an apology stating that they couldn’t send to a PO Box. I wrote them back over a month later in July when I saw the junk mail with my physical address. They stated that they were out of the variety of flavors I had ordered, but sent me their current flavors and I went with those since I just wanted to try them. They were sent out immediately and I got a tracking number. Their emails continue to go to my junk mail for some weird reason, but I did receive them on August 4.. to my PO box. Just a side note in case you try them and never receive or hear from them!


Onto the reviews!

They have pretty low calories for protein bars, pretty low fat, lots of fiber, lots of protein, and low sugar. They are Dairy-free, Soy Free, Corn Free, Whey-free, & have No Sugar Alcohols. They were fairly hard and not “doughy”. They almost have a taffy-like texture to them.

VANILLA PUDDING: This was the first flavor I tried. Plain vanilla, I’m good with a simple flavor! They weren’t overly sweet (which I like), and were pretty chewy. I felt full and it definitely gave me an afternoon pick up. It was made with grass fed beef protein.

DEVILS FOOD CAKE: Great flavor! Softer texture and just the right amount of chocolate flavor. My favorite flavor in this batch. This was made with egg white protein.

VANILLA COOKIE: This one was very vanilla, but also softer than the others. It was made with egg white protein.

CHOCOLATE MINT: I was surprised as I expected this one to be my favorite flavor without a doubt.. but, it was my least favorite. It was so hard that I could barely bite into it, and trying to chew it made my jaw pop continuously! The peppermint was very prominent and then the chocolate wasn’t very chocolate in this bar. It was made with grass fed beef protein.

SUNFLOWER BUTTER: This one was softer and tasted just like my sunflower seed butter, literally. It was made with egg white protein. It was the softest out of all of the bars. The bar was good if you like sunflower seed butter.

CARAMEL: Well, after the hardness of the chocolate mint, this one is self explanatory. It was made with grass fed beef protein. I bent the bar back and forth to see if I could “loosen” it up a bit and it snapped in half. It was definitely like the chocolate mint in texture, feel and chewiness. Flavor was very caramel. Definitely not for someone with sensitive teeth or that doesn’t like harder bars!

Upon the completion of my review at 1 bar per day, the Caramel is no longer offered by Julian Bakery, however the rest are. I do think that they continually change their flavors. I would be interested in trying their Pegan mares (with plant based protein).

You can order the Paleo Protein Bars HERE.


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