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Organic Bunny Box Favorites





I was trying to do monthly reviews of the products I received in my Organic Bunny Subscription Box, however, with my travel and actually taking the time to try the products, the timing just wasn’t working! SO, I have compiled my absolute favorites from the 2018 August to December boxes. I do not own these photos. Here we go!



Crunchi Lipgloss in Ella

I am no stranger to Crunchi makeup, in fact it is my go to foundation for sure and the lipglosses are great! I did not have this color already and most definitely recommend them! This is a beautiful “ballet pink” color.


Osmia Spot Treatment

Again, I am no stranger to the Osmia products and I keep this spot treatment by my bed to put on to combat those little blemishes. Essential oils are the breakout zappers in this product!


FitGlow Beauty Vita Active Cleanser

The FitGlow products are ones that I have wanted to try for awhile. They tend to be a little bit of a higher price point, so I was really excited when this was in my August box. I took this face wash EVERYWHERE, the label even fell off. It’s a very gentle cleanse and I did end up purchasing the product full size and it is my current cleanser.


Honey + Sage Orange Blossom Toner

This toner has an incredible smell and very tightening affect on the skin. It is also very hydrating all at the same time. This is my current toner as I have not ran out yet. Leaves the skin feeling clean and bright, and is completely organic with no essential oils.



River Organic Rose Gold Vegan Lip Balm

I love this stuff!!! I am almost to the end of it, so I am going to need to make a new order soon. Aside from the very sustainable packaging, when you first open up this little beauty, there are little gold specs on the top of the lip balm. This one currently sits at my desk and I use it constantly throughout the day. Just a light color of pink when applied!


Osea Sea Vitamin Boost

While the winter, especially, makes my skin dry, this gives a super hydrating boost anything during the day. Extra hydrating.. goes with me everywhere!


Rustic Maka Luna Bliss Deodorant

I am sad to report that my previous deodorant suggestion, Primally Pure, is not vegan. I knew it was going to be extremely challenging to find another deodorant that would work as well, and this one actually does! As my new go to, this is a baking soda-free formula, is vegan and also cruelty-free! A huge win and it does smell good and actually works!



Strawesome Pink Sapphire Glass Straw

This is made by an awesome company that produces all of their products in the USA! This particular straw is made with gold and pink sapphire (for real!). After I celebrated National Green Juice Day last week, this straw went easily in the dishwasher and came out squeaky clean!


Plaine Products Citrus Lavendar Shampoo & Conditioner

Funny thing, I am actually already an affiliate of Plaine Products. They have an incredible program where you can send your empties back to be recycled and receive new refilled products. The products are as natural as you can get, and they WORK! I loved getting this in my October box since the mini’s work so well for travel and then you can just fill them up from the larger bottles at home! Give them a TRY.


Wren Natural Facial Cleansing Grains

It took me a little while to try this product since I do receive so many. These cleansing grains and cute sustainable wooden spoon sit in my shower and a couple times a week, I take a scoop of it in my hand and create a little exfoliator! It becomes very pasty and can also be used as a mask. Leaves your skin feeling super clean.



ULIV Golden Glow Facial Souffle

Glow is exactly what this product gives you. It is an extremely potent anti-inflammatory formula that renews and repairs the skin, as well as helps with age spots, pigmentation and wrinkles! It can even permanently reverse sun damage!


AYR Skin Care Awaken Revitalizing Eye Serum

A little goes a long way with this eye serum. Just one pump is enough to dab under both eyes. It is very hydrating and creates a potent yet lightweight serum to the under eyes.


Honey Girl Organics Cuticle & Nail Cream

I felt like this was such a unique product to offer in the OB box! Since I don’t really wear nail polish anymore, I don’t go to manicure appointments every two weeks and my cuticles can get very dry! This was a creamy moisturizer just for them and works well!



Honey Belle DIY Detox Mask in Coconut Rose

This particular coconut rose mask is formulated with Rose Kaolin Clay and Coconut Milk to nourish the skin. It also removes toxins and impurities, as well as helps with hyperpigmentation, creates collagen production and moisturizes dehydrated skin. I enjoy currently doing this one for 20 minutes once a week.


Osmia Organics Lip Doctor

AMAZING PRODUCT! It unfortunately fell in the back of my mother’s car and I cannot find it.. Anywhere! Talk about disappointing! It is a large lip balm and works wonders to dry lips. Made with only six ingredients, this organic product will keep your lips smooth all winter long.


Absorb Skincare The Face Oil

Very light and enjoyable face oil that can go under foundation without making you feel gross and oily all day. It smells good, is quick to absorb and a little goes a long way!

Give it a try..

If you are interested in trying about of these items, they can be purchased HERE at Amanda’s website. The neat thing about these boxes is that most of them are new and upcoming non-toxic companies so you know about them first and get to try them out. Amanda often has discount codes as well to all of the projects in her monthly subscription box.


Thinking I will do quarterly updates on my faves in the OB Subscription Box! Let me know if you try any of these out!

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