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Here we go again! Back on the road for 12 days and headed to our biggest convention of the year. I saw this shirt in the local Medford boutique, Urban Minx, and knew that I related to this shirt and loved the rugged style of it.

With all of the traveling I do, I always enjoy traveling comfortably! These BuffBunny leggings are no stranger to this blog, and are usually what I am wearing on travel days, whether I am on a plane, train or automobile. I am actually wearing a pair of grey ones as I type this! Super quality, and very fair priced.

I’ve linked my backpack below as when my last backpack died after many, many years, I wanted a sleeker option that didn’t have the price tag of a Tumi one, so I found the InCase one linked below and I have been super satisfied with it!

Next, music. I must have music wherever I go. The wireless ones are the best, though they do come with a cord to plug into the jack in an airplane, etc. When you have the cord plugged in, it does not drain off the battery. Since I can’t put anything in my ears, I love the on ear Beats linked below for traveling, working out, etc. I also recently invested in a white pair!

Lastly, phone charger! I always like to have a LONG phone charger since every once in awhile, the outlet is far away from my bed in hotel rooms. Seems silly, but if you travel often, you know what I’m talking about!

Anyway, what are your travel essentials!?

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