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More Non-Toxic Nail Polish by Acquarella

Pretty Pure

(L to R: French VanillaPrancerCementitiousVoid)

To see my detailed post on non-toxic nail polish, visit THIS PAGE. I will reiterate that what you put on your nails goes straight to your bloodstream!

The wonderful folks over at Acquarella noticed my Instagram post and review on their products last month and offered to send me some additional polishes to try! They sent me PrancerCementitious and Void.

Although it has been a change to paint my own nails, I actually thoroughly enjoy it and honestly, the polishes dry very quickly, which I’ve been impressed with. I tend to do a lighter color on my fingernails, and then dark on my toe nails. Not going to lie, I’m starting to actually get pretty good at my weekly nail painting session!

Let me know if you give them a try! There are over 65 colors available! Thanks for stopping by Pretty Pure!


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