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For the first post in my Detoxify Your Life series, this one is all about BODY WASH. You’d be surprised what is in the average body washes. Just to name a few: Parabens, Synthetic Colors, Fragrance, Phthalates, Triclosan, Sodium lauryl sulfate, formaldehyde, and Toluene. This is literally JUST A FEW.. but if you look around at your current bathroom products, Fragrance is EVERYWHERE, so are Parabens. Explaining why each one is harmful is another post, but take the challenge to go through everything you currently have. I threw away TONS of products sitting under my sink and in my shower a couple weeks ago.

There is a really cool app for more recently put out beauty and personal care products called Think Dirty, and it will scan the barcodes on your products and give you a rating from 1-10 on on how good or bad the item is and what it contains that is bad or OK. It did not work for a lot of the old products that have been under my sink for years, but on all my more recent products, it was able to read them fine. Click the image below to download the app from the iTunes store! Pretty cool!



To name a few of the following popular brands have these chemicals in them are Dove, Aveeno, Nivea, Olay, Caress, Axe, Old Spice, Tom’s of Maine (thought to be all natural), Victoria’s Secret, The Body Shop, White Rain, Gold Bond, Philosophy, Bath & Body Works, even LUSH cosmetics (also said to be all natural, but their body washes contain other chemicals), etc.

So, that was quite a few, and just some mainstream brands, but there are SOOO many other brands that are chemical ridden as well. THIS WEBSITE is a great source to see if what you’re using is safe or not. Bottom line, this series isn’t just a preference of “well, I’m turning hipster and I want to go natural”.. this is about SAFETY of ourselves and our family. And through my research of all of this, there are SO many WONDERFUL alternatives, I am having so much fun just discovering it all and trying and supporting new brands. There are really so many like minded people and communities out there all working towards the same thing because they “give a damn” about our environment, our health and safety, and the long term affects of this all.

Moving on! I’ve actually used these products for awhile as I first got them as a gift and I’m a SUCKER for anything that smells amazing..

100 Percent Pure cosmetics make all natural, organic, vegetarian and vegan skin care and beauty cosmetics. They smell UNBELIEVABLE.. I’m also a sucker for all things Vanilla & Coconut. Here are what I currently use and it tastes SOOOOOO good!!!

Honey Cream Wash Vanilla Bean – $25.00

Honey Cream Wash Coconut – $25.00

I feel like the prices on all of their products are very fair, especially when considering what you’re getting.. No cancer causing chemicals here! The smell alone really is that insanely amazing. They also currently have a Gingerade scent right now. They always have new scents coming onto their product line and monthly sales of all products of a particular scent which makes it fun to try something new! Check out 100 Percent Pure and start making changes to detoxify your life!


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