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Milk Is For Babies

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As Arnold says… “MILK IS FOR BABIES”. Just think for a minute.. why are we eating milk that is MADE for calf’s. We are the only species that drinks another specie’s milk. Kinda weird if you reeeeeally think about it!

It all started over 11 years ago when I was in the midst of “trying” to take control of my live. At the age where girls tend to “beef up”, plus a continuous unhealthy yo-yo Atkins diet cycle, I felt like I was losing the battle against myself and my weight. My father had began taking his work outs very seriously and was becoming of the low body fat body builder status physique. I was ready to take control and be better. I knew how to over work out, I knew how to “no carb” it, but it was not something that was maintainable and by NO means a lifestyle.

My dad was in Southern California visiting and went to visit a very famous body building doctor, Dr. Franco Columbo, in Venice Beach. Having won over 15 Mr Olympia, Mr Universe, Mr World and Mr Europe achievements, plus several other power lifting titles, and most notably, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best buddy and work out partner, I’d like to think that he knows what he’s doing. Trying to take his physique to the next level, my dad spoke to him and found out a very interesting fact. This fact turned my life around literally IMMEDIATELY, and was the beginning of my lifestyle change.

Dr. Franco said that EVERYONE is allergic to dairy in some way. Aside from lactose intolerant (which I am), everyone has an allergic reaction to dairy that creates a layer of fat or swelling under the skin. For a body builder, it is very important to work towards being having as much lean muscle mass as possible. This is only one benefit, but is what stood out to me and had my life turned upside down.

I started noticing changes immediately. My stomach no longer hurt (again, I’ve apparently been lactose intolerant since I was born, but did intense testing as a kid and the dr’s never came to that conclusion, although I found out that I grew up on soy formula just a few years ago from my mother). I used to have TERRIBLE skin and a forehead that was constantly broken out, I RARELY get blemishes these days and they are most likely hormone related. My skin cleared up instantly. I lost weight. And while that isn’t my goal in life, it was at the time, and being dairy free made it extremely easy, as diet is how I lost 25 pounds without exercising. I also lost the bloat, and to this day, it only comes back if I accidentally have dairy of some sort.

Aside from my own experience, other notable benefits are that it reduces risk of ovarian and prostate cancers, even when a small amount of dairy is ingested. No dairy is way less exposure to added antibiotics and hormones. This is also a reason I do not drink soy milk unless it is my only option if I’m eating out. Mucus production is also said to be increased when including dairy in your diet, and by eliminating dairy, it can actually heighten your sense of smell and taste.


10 years old the healthy lifestyle! Hanging with my two main dudes!

On the flip side of things, I have read that RAW dairy does not have these effects. I have not tried it myself due to my intolerance, but raw, unpasteurized dairy is said to be much better for you than the processed stuff that you purchase in a store. This is becoming very popular in the Paleo diet. Google that, lots of studies on how raw dairy provides the proper enzymes, vitamins and minerals, whereas processed and pasteurized products are stripped of these things.

Let’s talk celebrities! The following celebrities swear by the dairy free diet, whether it be for weight loss or better skin, etc! Victoria Beckham, Megan Fox, Khloe Kardashian, and Gisele Bündchen. That’s a pretty strong power women list to me!

Aside from the celebrities,  a leading scientist, Professor Jane Plant, who had breast cancer 5 different times, explains how she has been in remission and remained cancer free for over 18 years after her choice to go dairy free. There are many studies that she looked into about breast cancer rates in other countries, and they were all low in dairy consumption; China most specifically.


As someone who was a vegetarian for 2 1/2 years of her life as a kid AND whose favorite food group was cheese at a time… NO, I don’t miss it at all. There are so many alternatives, and now if Starbucks messes up on my tea latte with real milk, I can taste the “after film” and it’s pretty disgusting. I have had some vegan cheese and I really don’t crave any type of cheese texture whatsoever, so I usually forgo it if I’m having pizza or what not. I cook with olive oil or coconut oil instead of butter. Coconut or almond alternative milks for oatmeal, tea lattes, etc. And I forgo creamy salad dressings and creamy soups.. plus there is ALWAYS a way to make a desired food without dairy.. Pinterest has lots of that! I always read all labels for protein bars, breads, etc. and so many products these day offer a dairy free option, EVEN Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!

Pretty Pure Dairy Free

I will continue some cooking and recipes and show how I cook and survive WITHOUT dairy.. it’s by far, the most monumental and best change I have ever made in my life! Note: this is NOT the vegan lifestyle.


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