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Merry Christmas from Allyssa @ Pretty Pure

Pretty Pure

pretty-pure-christmas-familiy2 pretty-pure-christmas-family pretty-pure-christmas-kiss pretty-pure-christmas-allyssa-brandon6 pretty-pure-christmas-allyssa-brandon5 pretty-pure-christmas-allyssa-brandon4 pretty-pure-christmas-allyssa-brandon3 pretty-pure-christmas-allyssa-brandon2 pretty-pure-christmas-allyssa-brandon pretty-pure-christmas-allyssa-brandon-dante2

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Does anyone else feel like the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas is one big, highly decorated, traffic filled blur? I sure do.. I was surprisingly OK on time to get gifts although I did face the Thousand Oaks mall yesterday to finish up and it took me 30 minutes just to get out of the parking lot! I may have had to make a little stop to purchase something to wear on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at Brandon’s mother’s.. because there aren’t enough options in my closet currently… right.. Although I did pass this rescue pet store that brings dogs from their shelter to the mall to be seen. Paw Works was a cute store with all sorts of dog and cat apparel and necessities! Great concept! No, I did not bring a sibling home for Dante… sigh..

This Christmas puppy is enough for me right now!

pretty-pure-christmas-puppy2 pretty-pure-christmas-puppy

Photos by Katrina Jayne Photography.

As I reflect before the New Year, I can’t help but be super thankful and excited that the first 6 months of Pretty Pure were a great start for this blog.. With support from my friends and family, it has been really fun to write about topics that I care about, as well as share a more personal side of me with fashion and the things I like. I definitely need to thank Katrina Jayne for that, her photos are everything and have definitely helped this blog have the perfect look that I was so striving for when I wanted to include fashion within it. She is seriously amazing, has an incredible eye and is just plain talented! She has also become a friend and is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met!

Also, I want to note that the cute “bright & merry” sign in our photos is from Kelly Patrice! She can do all sorts of cool things with her calligraphy!

I’ll talk more about the New Year later, and I hope that everyone has an amazing Christmas!



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