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As promised, I am dying to tell you about this product line that I came across at the 2017 LA FitExpo… MALK ORGANICS. This company is basically a line of different types of nut milk.. but not just ANY nut milks.. These are organic, non-GMO, soy free, carrageenan free, gluten free, dairy free and all of their packaging is CRV recyclable and BPA Free! And if you read my post all about water, you’ll understand why BPA Free is awesome!

The other amazing thing about this line is that each product is about 4-5 ingredients or less. Now, you turn that Silk, Blue Diamond, So Delicious, Pacific (organic), Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Califia Farms almond milk bottle around, and there’s a WHOLE bunch of stuff that I can’t pronounce that is most OBVIOUSLY not natural.



Now, let me look at the almond milk bottle from MALK.. Organic almonds, himalayan salt and filtered water (add organic maple syrup and organic vanilla to the vanilla flavored almond milk). That’s it. And here’s something else, the taste is… incredible. BY FAR the best almond nut milk that I have EVER tasted. But wait! There’s more.. they also offer almond milk (unsweetened & vanilla), cashew milk (yum), pecan milk (unbelievable) and cold-brew coffee with pecan milk (so good it should be illegal). Oh, and chocolate pecan milk that I fear if I tried, I would be ruined forever and only want that. JK, I regret not getting a taste of that one, I can only imagine!!


BUT OH MY GOSH, my mind is BLOWN with the cold-brew and I’ve already drank the whole bottle that the cool dude at the booth so graciously gave me at the end of the day. I thought that maybe he just promised that to everyone to get us to come back, the ol’ “hey, stop by and I’ll give you some to take home before you leave” shenanigans. Well, at 3:30pm, we were sure to stop by there and he remembered exactly who we were and asked what we wanted and “snuck” it around the table to us. My only regret is not asking for one of each!


Now, upon more research, they are a smaller, but GROWING company.. and they’re currently based in 11 states: Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Utah, New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. So, while they’ve hit the South and a little East coast, y’all need to get your booties to the West coast because all of us typical California green/vegan folks (lol) would dig this stuff. It’s honestly THAT good.

If you go to their website, you can e-mail MALK about where you’re located and what grocery store you’d like to see MALK products at, or they have a customer request form that you can take to your local store. I will be taking forms to every store I can find. They are carried in Ralph’s, Kroger, Whole Foods and some smaller natural stores and co-ops, but they need to make their way West ASAP!

So, after ALL of the products I saw at the FitExpo in Los Angeles, this nut milk stood out to me the most and I look forward to getting it on the West coast, because, honestly… Pecan milk.. who knew!?

Ciao for now!


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