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Liquidology Cold-Pressed Juice Review


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Liquidology Cold-Pressed Juice

As if it’s surprising that I love cold-pressed juice, I am obsessed with this Sacramento, California based juicing company. They offer all sorts of delicious cold-pressed juices in recyclable glass jars (which I love!). While in Sacramento for two months, I was definitely a regular at their H Street Location! Some of my favorites are:

Rose Water – This tastes truly as amazing as it sounds. Bulgarian rose water, pure maple syrup and distilled water is all that is in this. It lasts for a long time, and it is the perfect amount of a refreshing and sweet beverage.

Vitality & Glow – Both of these are green juices. Similar, but slightly different in ingredients. They have a crisp taste that is green, but not TOO green.

About Last Night – I drank this one A LOT while in Sacramento! It is black with activated coconut charcoal, watermelon, lemon and mint. It has a perfect taste to it and I took it to the gym in the morning and drank it while doing cardio!

Coco Bomb – Another favorite for my evenings. Coconut meat, coconut water and cinnamon. That’s it! It is delicious and the perfect bit of sweet for the end of the night. I would grab this instead of chocolate, it was that satisfying!

Others I tried were Bottle Rocket and both versions of City Scout. Liquidology offers quite a few other cold-pressed juices, plus Artisanal h2o, which is good for the digestive system with just distilled water and chlorophyll.

If you’re in the area or would like to order it, visit www.LiquidologyBar.com! They also offer food from Vibe, but I did not try any of the food while I was in the area. According to reviews, it’s very good!

If you give it a try, let me know what you think!

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