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I tend to be very predictable in colors in my wardrobe. A lot of black and burgundy graces my closet. As with most things in my life, I am always trying to “step out of the box” and get out of what’s safe without straying too far away from what’s “me”. I signed up for a company called Stitch Fix a couple months ago. Stitch Fix is a company that is a monthly membership that goes into “styling your fix” with 5 items from a personal stylist (and if you purchase any items, your $20 styling fee is applied to your total). I figured it would be fun to try!

The first “fix” I received, did not go well at all. Nothing in my package was suitable for me. So, I went back and refilled in all of the questions that they give you.. Examples, they ask things about your style, what you like to wear, what you don’t like to wear, if you like prints, what type of jeans, what parts of your body do you prefer to show off, etc. It is VERY detailed. They even ask you for your pinterest boards to see what you pin.  The questions also goes into detail on price ranges on what you’d prefer to spend on different types of clothing.. Like I will spend more on dresses versus a shirt. So, you also set your ranges and your personal stylist sends you pieces in the price ranges. Lastly, they also ask if you have any events or anything in particular that you’re looking for, so it’s all a detailed process and helps them get to know you.

After my first fix was a failure, I decided to try one more time and refill out everything in more detail and opted for a new stylist. Upon receiving my 2nd fix, I purchased 2 of the 5 items! Which leads me to this outfit. One of the pieces was this light pink top. While adding some color and details to my wardrobe, it wasn’t so far out of range that I would never wear it. I have so many things in my closet that I bought that I haven’t even worn, so I have slowly been purging every drawer and closet that I have. I want more pieces that are quality and that I will actually wear. I literally have things in my closet that are 15 years old, they need to go!

Back to this lovely, delicate top.. I paired it with the Sam Edelman sandals, bracelet (gift from Brandon), David Yurman ring, old pair of gold hoops that I’ve had forever and AG jeans. While I initially thought that I would just use silver jewelry with it, I decided to mix up the gold/silver metals since I liked the details of the sandals as well. I would easily wear this any day of the week (when I decide I should change out of yoga pants). I also plan to “business” this up next week pairs with black strappy heels (instead of pumps, since I will be in Las Vegas for a work convention in Caesars Palace, and there is a ridiculous amount of walking everywhere!) as well as a grey pencil skirt. I’ll add a photo to this post if I end up wearing it.

If you are interested in giving, you can sign up HERE or click the badge below.. and if you like the top in this post, just mention that you would like the Shakeera Beaded Blouse included in your fix to try.

Moving on.. I’m currently in Louisville, Kentucky at the American Saddlebred World Championship’s Show.. More on that later! Happy Friday!


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