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June 2018 Organic Bunny Box Review


Here we go again! A little late, but worth the wait and all of these are still available to be purchased if you are interested in trying. These are my HONEST, UNBIASED reviews with my experience with these products. This is an awesome subscription service for clean and green products related to beauty, etc.

Now for the reviews….

Pretty-Pure-Axiology2 Pretty-Pure-Axiology

Axiology Organic Lipstick in Bonafide

I have a couple Axiology lipsticks already! They are super smooth and creamy, and very pigmented. I tried this out at the country concert a couple weeks ago and it is a very bright and fun color. Definitely recommend!


Good Medicine Beauty Lab Glow Potion

I am still using this sample, and it is awesome. Very moisturizing and I usually use it after my shower at night before I go to bed.


Green Tidings Natural Deodorant in Lavendar

So, confession.. my current deodorant is not vegan (however is nontoxic) sadly, but it works so incredibly well. I used this ENTIRE stick to be sure of how I felt about it and I will say that it measures up to my current one, so once I am done with my current deodorant, I will be switching to Green Tidings!!! This means it got through the whole day, morning, work out, horses in the hot sun, etc!


Han Skin Care Cosmetics Illuminator

This is a GORGEOUS illuminator and is super subtle and goes on creamy. Perfect color for every day wear!


Moroccan Magic in Coconut Almond

This is incredible chapstick for daily wear. I would highly recommend. It goes on super smooth and is very oily and shiny, which I like!


ORA Organic Supplement Samples

I received two samples in the June box. This probiotic has 20 billion probiotics per serving with 6 strains to support optimal digestive health and peak immune system function and contains 20% of daily fiber needed. I put it in water and it had no taste! This can be used by itself or in a smoothie!

The protein powder was just one sample and I would be interested in trying more of it as it did taste quite good for a vegan protein powder!


Woodlot Nourishing Cleansing Balm

I’ve got to be honest for this product, and for me, it was really hard to dig out of the jar and then tough to actually cleanse the face. This one just wasn’t my jam!

Give it a try..

If you are interested in trying about of these items, they can be purchased HERE at Amanda’s website. The neat thing about these boxes is that most of them are new and upcoming non-toxic companies so you know about them first!

Going to get caught up with the July box review up next!

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