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How I Failed Thanksgiving

Pretty Pure

Well, I had all these plans.. All these ideas of what I was going to blog during the week of Thanksgiving. Normally I’m pretty good at getting whatever done that I want to, but last week wasn’t quite the case. Starting with 4 days of driving to destinations, 3 big dinners and lots of friends & family time. I should’ve capitalized on the season and added some great content to the blog, and I meant to……

But what I’m not sorry about is that instead of spending hours blogging, I was just in the now. Sometimes it’s so healthy to put your phone down and just live in the NOW, the present.. Not in the technological world that is so easy to get sucked into. So, here is a short version of this slightly late post that I was going to write…

First off, I love the colors that fall time brings.. Orange, red, burgundy, etc..! I got the dress below in late summer this year, but thought it would be perfect to add some color for a fall festivity like Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving. The shoes are Steve Madden, and are a staple in my wardrobe! I wear them at least once every work convention and they are so simple and go with everything! My necklace is also a new piece from StitchFix. This came in my fix a couple months ago, and I thought it paired well with this lacy number! If you like it, sign up for StitchFix and request the Fernanda Multi-Layered Metal Necklace. I’ve linked some fall type dresses for events below:

prettypure-thanksgivingdress prettypure-thanksgivingdress2 prettypure-thanksgivingdress3 prettypure-thanksgivingdress4 prettypure-thanksgivingdress5 prettypure-thanksgivingdress6 prettypure-thanksgivingdress7 prettypure-thanksgivingdress8

Sometimes it’s just better to do less and live more.. especially during the holidays with your family! Let’s see how I do for Christmas! 😉 Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!


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