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Camo fashion is IN! It’s being seen everywhere.. runways, bloggers, etc. Whether it’s camouflage pats, a jacket, or a top like I’m wearing in this post, it is here. Army/olive green is THE color of the season, and by this fall, it will be everything. Camo is very casual, but can definitely be dressed up! For instance, these tight grey pants, Stitch Fix booties & sparkly hoop earrings brought more of a “going out” look to this very comfy, casual, long top.

To refresh or if you’re reading my blog for the first time, Stitch Fix is a company that is a monthly membership that goes into “styling your fix” with 5 items from a personal stylist (and if you purchase any items, your $20 styling fee is applied to your total). It is a really fun company that I will feature often with the pieces that I purchase from my “fixes”. For more information on my experience with them, see my previous post.

If you are interested in giving it a try, you can sign up HERE or click the badge below.. and if you like the black booties in this post, just mention that you would like the Creen Laser Cut Peep Toe Bootie included in your fix to try.

Aside from my love for camo fashion (I used to have a pair of casual camouflage pants I would wear. I have no idea where they ended up!), I’m glad that it’s back! Speaking of being back, I’m finally back in So Cal after a long 2 months of traveling, which I’m very excited to stay put for about a month before more travel. Sometimes it is just nice to be home in your own bed!

Have a great week!

Photos by Permanent Glimpse Photography.



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