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Girls Night In Non Toxic Beauty Party + Indie Beauty Expo

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I was fortunate enough to make it to two events last week! The first being a non toxic beauty “Girls Night In” PJ party with Organic Bunny & Citrine Beauty Bar.


Girls Night In PJ Party

The event provided organic plant based foods, carbon footprint erasing beverages, make up & hair artists, and several non toxic brands. They ranged from skincare, make up & hair products that are truly clean, non toxic products. This event appealed to me as I transform my life from “dirty” to clean, I am in the position to start changing over my make up. And, considering that ordering cosmetics online (since most clean organic makeup products are not found at a brick & mortar store.. ), can be very challenging when it comes to color matching. Also not knowing if you like a product or not… it can also definitely get expensive!

This was an optimal opportunity to try some products out and have a professional get me the correct foundation color, etc. They put on such a beautiful event in a GORGEOUS Beverly Hills home with several non toxic beauty brands including: Au Naturale, Innersense, Vapour Beauty, Crunchi Cosmetics, Patyka Skincare, EcoBrow and Rituel de Fille (I feel like I’m missing a couple, but you get the idea!). Even the bathrooms were filled with organic, clean, non toxic products to try!

Bathroom GoodMedicine Patyka RitueldeFille MoonJuice

This Moon Juice milk product was incredible!!! I also got a sample of their “Moon Dust” from the goodie bag provided to us. After viewing their website, they have stores in Venice and two in Los Angeles. Their “dusts” are for drinking and provide vitamins, minerals and help with immunity, beauty, etc. Each dust that they offer are for different things. Their Moon Juice, that I tried in the photo above, is a mix of alkaline water, organic almonds, etc. There are SO many kinds aside from the two above (which were delicious and unique), and writing about it is making me want to head to Venice to get some.. They even have cold brew with almond milk.. and you know how I feel about cold brew! Really interesting and quality products. Check them out at Moon Juice!

Indie Beauty Expo

The second event that I attended was the following evening in LA as well. This is for the smaller brands of make up, skincare & hair products. One thing that I did have to learn was that this was NOT a non toxic beauty expo! Although there were several green beauty product vendors there, labels still needed to be read as I did come across a lot that were surprisingly not. A lot of the verbiage used can be misleading to what the actual products contained. Overall, it was a fun evening with a new friend that I had met at the Girls Night In party the night before. I would definitely attend this event next year and any non toxic beauty event that Organic Bunny puts on!

Speaking of Amanda at Organic Bunny… Check out that hair flip! Right into my eyeball!


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