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Functional Day at the Office Look


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As the title says, I did actually make it in the my office in Sacramento and did wear this look! And these booties made a 5-day convention of about 20,000 steps per day a breeze! I always like to look nice at all work events, and over the years of having some very painful heels, toes and arches, I have learned how to look nice without 4-inch heels (although I do still wear them if it’s not going to be a 20,000 step day! Some things just never change.).

Back to this outfit, my office in Sacramento is pretty casual, so this is a casual, yet nice outfit for daily life. I really like this BlankNYC jacket and it comes in multiple colors. It could easily be dressed up by wearing all black (like my soul) with higher heels (of course)! My jeans are of no stranger to this blog as well, they are linked below.

I have been wearing an Apple Watch for about a year now, which I LOVE (if you’re considering one). Throughout the course of several events this year, I started coordinating my watch bands with what I’m wearing (for the most part). I wore this to an event in San Antonio this year with the pearl band and I have never gotten so many compliments on something so simple before! I will leave the link for this pretty band below, as it is fun and always catches a lot of eyes, and it’s just fun to accessorize with one more thing that I wear so often.

Do you have a FitBit or Apple Watch? Do you love it?

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