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Fitness Outfit, Favorite Music + Wireless Headphones


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There are two main things that motivate me when I work out.. One is new work out gear, and two is great music! Starting with the outfit, this cute sports bra that’s supportive and such a pretty purple! Purple is probably the color that I wear the least, but I love the hue of this one! Another successful trip to Victoria’s Secret for a pair of their Victoria Sport running tight with mesh detail, which I really like. They are breathable and super lightweight. The ol’ reliable Nike Roshe Two’s I’ve been wearing (in black this time) get the job done, and lastly, who doesn’t love a funny tank top? I laughed. That’s all that matters.

Moving on to music! First off, these Beats wireless headphones are LIFE! The reason being is that I had a pair of wired Beats before, and let me tell you, they get in the way like you wouldn’t believe! Do you know how hard it is to be in the middle of a set, and you touch the wire just right or even worse, rip it out of the headphones? It really messes with your motivation! Purchasing these wireless headphones are, by far, one of the BEST investments I have ever made. I can walk across the gym without my iPhone and it never messes with my music, the sound quality is great and I love the design. I personally really like large headphones like this (just like with my sunglasses, the bigger, the better) as I do not like being spoken to or approached in the gym. Having these on keeps my focus!

I’m also an avid Pandora listener. I do have a work out playlist on my phone, but I love the remixes and variety of music I get from Pandora. The best stations I listen to are: Today’s Hits, Workout Radio, and the Britney Spears station. Motivating music matters!

What is your favorite music to listen to while sweating it out?

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