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My Favorite Activewear for February

Pretty Pure

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This month’s favorite activewear

Here is my favorite activewear for February! Aside from the fact that I’m obsessed with all things navy, and navy and white are super crisp together… I love these high rise work out tights from Victoria Sport. They are super shapely, comfortable and even have a pocket on the side. I’m obsessed with pants with side pockets as I ALWAYS place my iPhone in the side pocket when working out. It makes switching music so much easier and is much less distracting than sticking my phone in my sports bra (plus your phone gets all sweaty.. eww!). They are also super friendly priced compared to other brands and come in several colors.

I also have this top in a couple of colors (well black & white, not exactly colors)! It is from Lululemon and is super basic, goes with everything, breathable, lightweight and just overall a relaxed fit making it easy to move it and shake it at the gym. I also tagged my Nike running shoes below that aren’t only good looking, but functional! I’ve loved the look of the flyknit for awhile and these have become my go to work out shoes of the minute!

New work out stuff always adds to my fitness motivation! I will start showing my favorite’s of each month, whether they be fitness. green or other. Enjoy!

Photos by Katrina Jayne Photography.



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