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Evolve Plant-Based Protein Shake

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While at Sprout’s a couple months ago, I was just randomly browsing in the protein bar aisle to see what they had. I used to go to Sprout’s years ago, but that has since been replaced by Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, etc. I stopped in while I was in Thousand Oaks since I wanted a snack. On a side note, I have fallen back IN LOVE with Sprout’s, since they offer so many new, smaller brands and they have a HUGE selection in general.

Anyway, I ran across this Evolve Plant-Based Protein Shake and I grabbed a couple to try. After reading the label, the ingredients were minimal and this is completely VEGAN, Non-GMO, dairy, soy & gluten free. It is also nut-free and has zero artificial flavors. It also has 20 GRAMS of plant-based protein and SUPER minimal sugar! Seems to good to be true, right? With stats like that, it must taste terrible.


Plant-based Protein Shake Review

I got them home, stuck them in the fridge and planned to try one on the way to the gym the next day as a pre-workout meal since I drive so far and this was an easy grab and go option. First off, let me just say that the first impression of their modern logo, super catchy label. As a graphic designer myself, I can totally appreciate the effort put into this part of a product. It makes a huge difference, and as much as we don’t want to judge a book by it’s cover, it is just human nature to be more apt to try something after the first impression of what it’s in.

Next, the taste.. OMG!! This plant-based protein shake is DELICIOUS! I’ve tried all of the 4 flavors (Classic Chocolate, Mellow Mocha, Toasted Almond and Ideal Vanilla) and they are all AMAZING and easy to drink. They are sweet without any artificial taste and without tasting overly sugary.. but I still get a vanilla or chocolate taste. I am personally not a huge fan of fruity protein drinks.. I suppose that is just because I would prefer to spend my calories on chocolate.. for real!

So, while this product is available at Sprout’s, I also found it on Amazon PLUS is a Prime option if you’re an Amazon Prime member. You can check them out below. I would highly recommend this product for someone who wants a quick AM breakfast or an afternoon snack or a quick pre-workout snack. Considering I am a pretty busy person and these are so convenient. Grabbing something that tastes good and has so much protein is something that I can appreciate, especially versus something that lacks protein and any real nutrients.


On another note, Evolve® is proud to support the mission of the National Park Foundation. This enables them to help in protecting the national parks. It also connect people to parks and inspire the next generation of park stewards. Talk about a win-win!

Let me know if you try!


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