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DryBar Buttercup Hair Dryer Review

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It took me awhile to decide to invest in a nice hair dryer.. and I say this as it really is an investment, but one that is worth it.. Kind of like designer jeans. They just fit nicer and hug in all the right places better than the less expensive brands and are just more quality. That’s how hair dryers work!


I did a lot of research and asked a couple of friends what kinds they had and what they liked and disliked. For example, if they had any that previously broke, or had one that was still going strong. I also researched on a lot of websites and read a lot of reviews to be sure that I was making the right choice..

I settled on this yellow beauty by DryBar. Granted, I got a percentage off at Sephora since they were having a sale, so I capitalized on it, and to me, a sale is so much better than paying full price. I am totally that person that can rationalize a sale, and I am REALLY guilty of being your “typical consumer” on email marketing that I receive. 20% off this weekend only! I better order something! Spend XX amount of dollars and get a free bottle of this! I’m all about it! Super guilty, but then not so guilty because I didn’t pay full price!

Back to my hair dryer… I have A LOT of hair, and if I want to dry it properly, I have to section it and dry it individually with a giant round brush so that it doesn’t look like I put my finger into a light socket. Ok, maybe not that bad, but it’s a pretty fluffy mane if not tamed by a blow dry. First, I love how cute it is, the yellow “Buttercup”, and while that isn’t the sole reason to buy this particular dryer, it’s bright and happy and easy to spot under my sink. It has 2 speeds and 3 temperatures, plus a “cool shot” button. This sucker is powerful containing a 1875-watt motor. The nozzle at the end (which it comes with two), tames the fly-aways quickly and easily. It is a VERY strong dryer and seems to dry my hair in record time (they say 20% faster compared to other professional dryers!), which is equally as nice since my arms do get tired by the time I get to the top section, which is of course the most important.


If you’re down to give this cute and functional hair dryer a try, click below! It is worth the investment! I have had mine for over a year and have not had any issues thus far! There is also a travel size (also linked below) that folds to take up less space in your suitcase!

Happy drying!!

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