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December 2017 Paleo Bakehouse Review


A little late but worth the wait! The December Paleo Bakehouse box did not disappoint per usual.


Peppermint Fudge Cookie

A chocolate cookie with a dash of peppermint, it was the perfect holiday treat for my basic white girl self that LOVES peppermint mochas!

Ingredients: Almond flour, unsweetened cocoa powder, semi-sweet chocolate, honey, egg, baking soda, salt, semi sweet chocolate chips, peppermint extract


Red Velvet Brownies

I believe I received these in one of my first boxes ever…. they’re still delicious!

Ingredients: Almond flour, unsweetened chocolate, semi sweet chocolate chips, coconut oil, coconut sugar, egg, baking soda, salt, natural food coloring


Ginger Spice Cookie

A light and sweet cookie with a hint of ginger.. I approve!

Ingredients: Almond flour, coconut sugar, honey, egg, baking soda, salt, ginger, all spice, cinnamon

Almond Chocolate Macaroon

These were super easy to grab and go for a quick treat!

Ingredients: Coconut flakes, almonds, chocolate chips, egg


SO, if you’re down to give any of these a try or get a subscription box, you can head to the website HERE and take a look. It will even prompt you to get 15% off of your first box, you can’t go wrong! Also, after each box you get, you are offered a great deal to buy additional treats if you love a particular one! Again, if you sign up to be a VIP, you receive the monthly box for less, and then get your “own” store to buy treats for 25-40% off! Thanks Paleo Bakehouse!

I just received my January box yesterday, so review to come SOON!


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