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Cut Off Shorts for Summer

As I may potentially be sitting here sporting Christmas PJs, but Summer is here and I am more dedicated than ever to live this summer to the fullest. I RARELY wear shorts, partially because I’m either in barn clothes or yoga pants, but that is going to change this year! I want to enjoy the summer sun and take some trips to the beach, maybe do some hiking and some BBQs! It’s such a short distance away, and life seems to always get in the way, but as with everything in life, you must prioritize!

I’m finally home from 6 weeks of nonstop travel.. from South Lake Tahoe, to San Antonio, to Del Mar, to Oregon, to Disneyland for my best friend’s wedding, back to Del Mar, and I’m back  home to stay.. at least for a little bit! My blogging has been lagging, but sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and regroup!

Speaking of being back.. and dedicated to living it up this summer.. This outfit is life! I, personally, cannot stand REALLY short shorts. Granted, I’m not 20 years old anymore (though I’ve never worn them), but I just think some things should be kept for the imagination! I like that these shorts aren’t overly tight and allow you to have freedom of movement, but still have some style with the lightly frayed edges. My top is by BP and comes in lots of colors! It is super soft, with a very relaxed fit. Paired with my trust Chuck Taylor’s, it’s the ideal outfit for a day out in the sunshine! Not to mention, it is also extremely affordable! Finding jeans and shorts that I like is near IMPOSSIBLE, so especially finding some that I like at $39 is pretty unheard of! They have a couple washes, but these were my favorites.

Onward to a productive Monday! I can’t say how happy I am to be sleeping in my own bed. 🙂

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