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Company Review: Odacité

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For the past several months, I have been trying various non-toxic clean skin care products. I came across the Odacité skincare website while searching for wonderful products with super clean ingredients. It was created by a woman named Valerie Grandury that was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, who then took control and rid her life of toxins and chemicals. When she realized that there really were no quality ingredients that were clean and actually performed, she started blending her own. Her birth place, Paris, is her inspiration, as well as her now home in Los Angeles, California.

The awesome thing about this company is that you can get free samples to try, and also get free samples with each of your orders… AND to sweeten the pie, each time you order and review, you get a 10% off coupon.. Every time. Also, it’s worth signing up as they are always offering deals and free products with your purchase.


I have tried several products and a whole lot of samples! One thing that I absolutely LOVE is their Ultra Effective Eye Cream. It FEELS medical grade when you put it on and is very potent. It was even named one of Vogue’s Ultra-Performance Skincare products. It is used to protect and treat eye contour, significantly reducing the depth of wrinkles. This eye cream can be seen here: Ultra Effective Eye Cream 0.5 oz by Odacite

Another favorite that remains in my shower is the Jojoba Beads Exfoliant. It gently removes dead skin and makes your face feel so silky and smooth immediately. Aside from the super clean and gluten free ingredients, Jojoba Beads are completely biodegradable, meaning 1. they won’t end up in the ocean harming animals, and 2. they are so gentle that they won’t leave micro-lacerations that can cause premature wrinkles and provide an entrance for bacteria like other exfoliating agents. Highly recommend! Jojoba Beads Exfoliant 1.7 oz by Odacite

An offer that this company was making not long ago was a free full size Marula Neroli Serum Concentrate. Literally a $42 value COMPLETELY free with my order. This serum was AMAZING and smelled incredible. It is specifically for elasticity and I added a couple drops every day to my moisturizer. The Marula oil absorbs deep into the skin to help prevent water loss and make your skin dehyrated. The Neroli and Rose helps to generate skin cells and promote youthful skin, as well as relax the mind and body from the amazing aroma it offers. Odacité Ma+N: All Natural Marula Neroli Serum Concentrate for Skin Elasticity – Promote a Healthy & Youthful Glow

I have also tried both of their masks.. One being a deep hydration masque, and the other being a skin perfecting masque with clay and activated charcoal, enzymes and fruit acids, vitamin c and probiotics. They all work together as a complete beauty treatment. I loved both of these masques! They also sell a small brush to mix the skin perfecting masque, which I actually just received in the mail yesterday. Masques are: Deep Hydration Masque 1.7 oz by Odacite, Synergie[4] Immediate Skin Perfecting Beauty Masque and Facial Masque Brush.

I’ve also tried some other serums and their hand and foot cream. Everything they offer is amazing!


The performance of this company is pretty much unmatched. I know that if I place an order today, it will be on it’s way to me tomorrow and in my hands the following day. I never have to wait for the order to be processed, and this has been consistent through several orders I have made. This is something that makes a big difference to me when I am looking to shop. A+ for their performance!


When I look at the price point compared to other green beauty skincare brands, this company is pretty spot on with a couple products that are on the higher side. They offer SO many different products in terms of super concentrated serums that tend to be a little higher priced. However, I feel that the products hold their value and perform immensely. I will definitely continue ordering products from them!

Hope you enjoyed this company review!


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