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Company Review: Au Naturale

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This Wisconsin-based cosmetics company won the Green & Clean award at the Indie Beauty Expo last month! They were also at the Organic Bunny + Citrine Green Beauty event and I met a couple of their make up artists and the founder of Au Naturale! They have SUPER clean ingredients and literally create and pack all of their own products! You won’t get any cleaner than this.

Every once in a while, Au Naturale has deals on the website. When you do make an order, they also send a sample to try, which is always nice to try a new product or a new color of something!


I’ve now purchased 3 lipsticks and 2 lip liners from Au Naturale. Innocence (+ liner), Spanish Rose (+ liner) and Primrose. The liners are great and stay on even after the lipstick has worn off from eating or drinking. The lipsticks are very pigmented and just need to rubbed on the lips a bit to get warmed up. The Spanish Rose color is a dark red and I love it for that occasional night out! They also have the color Ruby, which is a brighter red, and I would love to try that one next! Innocence is a light pink, very similar to my skin, and the Primrose is a pretty pink burgundyish and is SO beautiful!


While at the Green Beauty Party last month, I was able to try the lip gloss this company offers in Passion Fruit. It is a beautiful shimmery pink burgundy and is not sticky at all. I LOVE this color and it’s easily one of my go to’s now.


My favorite color of blush tends to be mauve and since I’m made my switch to non toxic, I hadn’t really started looking for a new blush yet. I also tried one at the Green Beauty Party in the color Sweetheart. It is a creme blusher stick that you draw directly onto your cheeks and then blend out with a brush. It’s the perfect every day color to give me a little color.


The last product that I’m going to include here is their OG Highlighter. It is a creme bronzer that you also draw onto desired areas and blend out with a brush. They have had this product from the start and it has always remained in their line of products!

Overall, from what I have tried from them, you cannot get a CLEANER more GREEN product with this kind of pigment. They truly care about the quality and wellbeing of the product line that they offer.


I made an order on the night of the 14th but realized I wanted to change out one item on my order to something else, so I sent an email to them. I got a reply email the morning of the 15th saying that they would happily switch it out, my order shipped on the 15th and arrived on the 17th. Super fast and so easy to work with!


I feel like the price on these products are super friendly and middle of the road prices. I have definitely paid more for foundations, etc. from other clean brands and this is actually a little less. You can also purchase samples at a lower price on foundations so that you can figure out what shade you are without spending the full amount. Price is pretty much the least of my worries with this company, especially when you can recognize the quality that you are getting!

I am also excited for their new product launch in March with NEW packaging. It is beautiful and sleek!


Let me know if you give them a try!


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