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Cheetah Is The New Black


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First off, I know, it’s shocking that I would post an all black outfit. Second, this belt is everywhere on the blog world and I love it! It is such a statement peace and I pair it often with high waisted jeans.

Speaking of which, does everyone remember low rise jeans? I swear, I had the LOWEST rise jeans and now I’m like, what was I thinking (Later 90’s!)! I love the long silhouette from high waisted jeans and have been looking to add a couple more pairs for my closet. This black pair of jeans is from Good American, and I must say that I LOVE THIS BRAND. Khloe Kardashian has done an amazing job with the brand, and they really do fit so well. They are a little stretchy, so I find that I have to get a 00 in them to get them to fit well. There are so many washes and colors now, and I can’t get enough of them.

This mesh bodysuit is also one of my favorite things that I’ve picked up recently. Super reasonably priced, it adds some texture to any outfit, and again, those high waisted jeans create an hourglass silhouette with long legs. I have linked some similar ones to this one below.

Lastly, I have been purchasing so many Sam Edelman shoes. These fun shoes caught my attention for obvious reasons, as Burgundy is always in my color scheme and leopard is so fun! Again, mixing with the all black and then adding in gold accents is my job. These shoes would go great with a black dress for any occasion. They are also pretty darn functional having a thicker heel and ankle strap! All pieces linked below.

Do you feel like you have a specific color scheme of your life in regards to clothing, etc?

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