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What a whirlwind.. I’ve been to Scottsdale and Nashville since my last blog post and I’m finally home for a week. Scottsdale was for the yearly Arabian horse show that I always go to, and Nashville was for a work convention. This was my second time in Nashville (last year was also for a convention), and it seems to get more magical each time I go. While it was for work, I did have some time for fun! If you haven’t been to Nashville, I highly recommend it.

Moving on, I am always looking for any excuse to, well, not wear real pants, so I love functional and comfortable outfits such as this one. Perfect for the colder weather, and stylish to run around town in or long days of travel. I think a vest like this could go over any long sleeve shirt, and over leggings like these or skinny jeans!

These leggings are very flattering and shapely. I don’t do a lot of prints, but I like that these are a darker print of camo. Big fan of wearing these for just about any casual occasion.

Lastly, I have been wanting to try these athletic shoes for awhile now and finally pulled the plug to see what the hype was all about. These are the BEST shoes I have EVER tried while working out. They are unbelievably comfortable and super supportive. I am officially obsessed! All pieces linked below.

Pretty Pure

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