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Hello there! I have been on the hunt for some cute wedge sneakers for awhile now. The ones that I have tried on have been too loose around the ankle and just not my style. I tried these Caslon shoes on at Nordstrom and fell in love! They are so fun, and while I may not be able to work out in them, I can sure pair them with any pair of yoga pants I have and run around town! They are extremely comfortable and I actually spent my whole birthday “day” in them this year. So fun!

Camo.. I love camo if it’s done right. These are so up my alley (pun intended) because they are a dark dark camo and just really stylish to pair with black or white. Not to mention that they hug you in all the right places and fit perfectly! Lately, these have been my traveling “go to” leggings and are a nice change up from my usual black Buff Bunny leggings. I almost feel like I’m living on the edge here! Not really, they’re still pretty dark, but still different at least!

I’ve always like the look of Quay sunglasses so while I was browsing Nordstrom, I checked some out. They are extremely affordable and great quality. These aviators are oversized for my face (which is pretty small), and I think the grey gradient is very stylish. With so many colors options and styles, they are definitely a glasses brand to check out. All pieces linked below as always!

What do you think of wedge sneakers? Like or not your style?

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