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So, a little news (but a detailed post later), I’ve become fairly vegan since June of this year. For the most part, the transition has been very easy, with the exception of some traveling. While I’ve still kept my new lifestyle, there was one place that was way more challenging than any other place I had gone… Vegas. Granted, it could’ve been due to being in a hotel while working, but I think that Vegas isn’t QUITE as health conscious at restaurants as opposed to say, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

Knowing that we would be traveling to Vegas again for a horse show last week, I knew I needed to figure something out since I would, again, be stuck in a hotel that had way less options than the last time in August when I was at Caesars Palace. I started researching options that had pre-made meals that were vegan. Since I’ve been dairy free since 2005, becoming vegan was quite easy for me and getting meals that are vegan vs vegetarian pretty much guaranteed that I would not be worrying about dairy. I came across Veestro.com meals and ordered them to be delivered to my hotel the day I arrived in Vegas.

I decided on the gluten free starter pack since it had 12 meals, which would get me through the horse show. They arrived in a box on dry ice. The ice actually lasted almost through the show and I was able to just heat the meals up as I went. They were AMAZING! I have now finished everything, and everything is excellent! Even things that I didn’t think “sounded” that great to me, were fantastic. I am unbelievably pleased with this company, and for $99 for the 12 meals, it is of extreme value and quality. I will absolutely continue to order them for horse shows and other work events. I loved that there was a gluten free option, although that is not a requirement in my lifestyle!

A couple meals that were my FAVORITE are:


Oatmeal Breakfast Pie


Mushroom Risotto


Red Curry with Tofu

If you’d be interested in giving these meals a try, click here: Veestro.com! These meals have hand-selected ingredients and are made fresh from organic, non-GMO plants. The flavor in these meals is AMAZING! They even have upcoming Holiday options! They also offer weight loss plans and juice cleanses!





Let me know if you give it a try!

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