About Me


Thank you for visiting! My name is Allyssa.. I am an ambitious 31 year old who originated from Southern Oregon, lived in California for almost 15 years, and then returned to Southern Oregon a few years ago. Along with marketing and training horses, I am a full time art director (graphic design, web design, photographer and videographer), and own several companies. I currently live on my family horse farm with the love of my life, an almost 8 year old mini Australian Shepherd named Dante..

Healthy living has been a passion of mine for a long time.  After an unhealthy bout starting with the Atkins diet, I yo-yo’d, restricting food heavily and then binged repeatedly, gaining more and more weight each cycle. Fortunately, I got fed up with my behavior and decided to make a lifestyle change in 2005; I quit my unhealthy habits “cold turkey” and started on my healthy journey. Starting with a clean diet and eliminating dairy, I was able to lose 25 pounds. It actually turned out that I had been allergic to dairy since I was a newborn, though I never found this out until in my mid 20’s (thanks mom and dad). 4 years later, I started exercising at my local gym in Rancho Murieta, California, where my family owned a horse farm and the closest Starbucks was 30 minutes away! Since 2005, I’ve never wavered from my non-dairy lifestyle and after a hiatus from active fitness (aside from horses every day) due to a busy life (no excuse, I know!), I’m back on track in the gym! I love being healthy and feeling strong!

As I’ve continued learning about healthier lifestyles since I started this blog, I have become increasingly interested and more involved in a non toxic lifestyle. I started an ongoing series about this HERE. I’ve slowly been moving all of my current personal products to healthy GREEN ones, including makeup. The green beauty industry is a growing industry and I plan to contribute and help to educate more people about the movement.

Pretty Pure’s meaning is explained on the front page. I started this blog as a means to write about topics that I have been passionate about for a long time and always wanted to share. The time is now and I’m ready to bring this to life. The blogging that I will be doing is recipes, fashion, fitness, travel, and motivational, inspirational and self improvement topics. We can always strive to better than we were yesterday.

Contact: You may also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and I may be reached by email at info@prettypure.com.