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8 Easy Tips for Plastic-Free July

Considering its #PlasticFreeJuly, this campaign puts a focus on reducing single-use plastics. There are so many “negatives” to plastics, starting at chemicals released, a disastrous ocean and being non-compostable. While I am absolutely not perfect, I do try to make small changes when and where I can.

A few tips to reduce plastic use:


1. Reusable bottles – like this S’well bottle, as well as brands like YETI, Hydroflask, etc. are great alternatives to regular water bottles. If I do use plastic water bottles, I opt to always recycle them, use BPA-Free bottles as well as try to choose bottles that are made out of recycled materials. Additionally, Mountain Valley Spring Water can be purchased in glass bottles and bulk glass containers for use in a bulk system.

2. Coffee – I have been using a reusable coffee cup by KeepCup, which is made of recyclable glass, the top is also BPA-Free. This whole cup is dishwasher safe and works for both hot and cold beverages.

3. Straws – Now days, there are so many alternatives for straws.. more places are starting to carry paper straws, and there are also reusable stainless steel and glass straws with brush cleaners for easy cleaning.

4. Cutlery – With a little preparation, it is simple to carry a bamboo or portable stainless steel flatware set in your purse or bag.

5. Grocery Bags – I typically try to bring a reusable bag to grocery stores or use a cardboard box at my local Natural Grocers. I have one from Lululemon bag which is stylish and reusable!

6. Produce Bags – I also have these produce bags for when I am purchasing fresh produce or I’ll just put the fruits and veggies straight into my basket if I don’t have them on me. I try not to use the plastic produce bags that are just going to get thrown away as soon as I get home.

7. Food Storage – A couple alternatives to Cling wrap are beeswax and other wraps that use soy and candelilla wax to safely store food and be reusable. Also along the lines of food storage, I use glass containers with BPA free lids, as well as glass mason jars to store leftovers.


8. Glitter – For all my Basic B’s out there! =) This one I found really interesting as glitter is just cut up plastic that never goes away or biodegrades. This awesome glitter shop only sells biodegradable glitter of ALL TYPES with well over 50 colors and sizes. It uses natural aloe vera gel for application (also available at this store). Genius!

These are really just a few ways to eliminate or lower usage of single-use plastics in your life. Just remember, every little bit counts, and there is no action too big or small to reduce plastic usage! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

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