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2017 LA FitExpo

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So, last weekend, I attended the 2017 LA FitExpo. I had my eyes on it for awhile and knew that I wanted to go and see what it was all about! Unfortunately, I didn’t feel very good on Saturday, so I ended up only going to the Expo on Sunday, but it was incredible! My friend, Kelsey and I, stayed at the JW Marriott, which was literally a 5 minute walk (or less) to the LA Convention Center. The convention center is a HUGE venue and the FitExpo offers SO much to do and look at. It was overwhelming and while we were there for the whole day, I feel like we missed seeing a lot of the booths and activities.. So, next time, both days, FOR SURE. We had a great time though!


A major highlight for me was meeting Heidi Somers, AKA Buff Bunny, at the Live Fit booth! She is someone that I have followed for AWHILE now and meeting her in person was pretty surreal. She was also ridiculously sweet, and TINY! You don’t realize how small 4’11” is until you see it (lol), but she was so awesome and had an amazing physique (expected). To see what she has built in just a few years is pretty amazing when you look at where she started. Aside from being sponsored by some GREAT companies, she has her own apparel line, which, ironically, I’m wearing right now.. from the gym this morning. And it’s 4pm, don’t judge! I’m still on a high from meeting Heidi!



Another person that we also went and saw was Nikki Blackketter at the GymShark.. While she has been a big part of the fitness world, I really like her because she is just a down to earth REAL person. She has shared a lot of her life on YouTube, and she just is who she is with no apologies, and I respect that. She was very sweet to meet as well. While I have only followed her for a little while, Kelsey has followed her for years!


Another honorable mention is JUJIMUFU.. which Kelsey had sign her boyfriend’s work out belt. He was super cool and a really nice guy. See more about him HERE. He’s pretty incredible and unbelievably flexible!


Overall, it was an AMAZING experience and I got A LOT of samples and just saw a lot of products that I had never seen or heard of before.. One of which I will be posting a blog about tomorrow.. It’s amazing!! I can’t wait to go back next year, or potentially to Olympia in Vegas this year!

And here are links to my outfit, the leggings and shoes are AMAZING!

Bye for now!


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